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checklistan inför bröllopet

DJ Prices

Wedding Checklist

12 months left

Insure the engagement ring

Determine your budget

Make a guest list

Hire a professional wedding planner

Create a wedding fitness plan

Determine formality and overall theme

Choose a Venue
Photo by Danik Prihodko
Köp Bröllopsförsäkring
Buy wedding insurance
Buy wedding insurance
Välj Cateringfirma
Välj Cateringfirma
Chose Catering company

11 months left

Choose a color theme and start thinking about overall design
Dj Carl London Dj Stockholm
#DJ Carl – London DJ Stockholm
Hire suppliers who book up quickly, e.g. your photographer, band, DJ

10 months left

Start looking for your wedding dress
Book hotel rooms/ plan overnight stay situation for guests

Take engagement photos

Now is a good time to practice being in front of the camera, especially since most photographers include a session in their package.

Start looking at invitations
Bröllops Dj

9 months left

Buy your wedding dress
Send Save-the-Dates

8 months left

Register for gifts
Choose bridesmaid dresses and bridal party accessories and set a date to try on the dresses.
Meet potential florists
Planera Ditt Bröllop Med Chatgpt

7 months left

Book the rehearsal dinner room
Think about whether you want musicians at the wedding
Order rental items, such as special chairs, drapery, lounge furniture, dance floors, etc.
Hire a wedding officiant
Hyra Dj Till Bröllop

6 months left

Hire a lighting technician

5 months left

Book transportation for guests, if needed
Book transport for you, the newlyweds
Book the honeymoon
Buy or rent the groom's tuxedo
Begin premarital counselling

4 months left

Have your final tasting with the caterer
Choose your cake
Buy a wedding ring
Choose the groom's attire and schedule fittings within the month
Want the groom and his crew to be matchy-matchy?
Hair and make-up samples
Bröllop Guide

3 months left

Order the invitations
Create or plan your menu
Brainstorm guest favours and gift bags
Book a photo booth rental
Write your vows
Select readings
Meet the officiant and invite them to the rehearsal dinner

2 months left

Send the wedding invitations (with RSVP due 1 month before the wedding)
Send out rehearsal dinner invitations (these can be included in the wedding invitations if you wish)
First dress fitting
Buy underwear for wedding dresses
Get your marriage license
Buy wedding favours
Make a floral mock-up with your florist
Give the song selections to your band or DJ
Give song selections to ceremony musicians
Buy all small items
Eleganta Bröllop Inbjudninjar

1 month left

Make gift bags

Order or make placement cards 
Have a final site walkthrough
Walk in your wedding shoes
Bröllops Checklista

Last week

Wedding Checklist

Night before and wedding day

Night before
Eat a healthy meal
Pack a small bag with personal items
Drink Water
Get a good night's sleep
Place any suitcases, bags and survival kits to bring to the ceremony or reception in the car.

The morning of:


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