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Plan a Successful Kickoff - Effective Tips

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Carl Tulumello

Kick Off

In this article, we will explore detailed tips for planning tips for planning a successful kickoff. We will discuss the importance of having a kickoff for your business, the steps to plan it, the choice of activities, themes, destinations and budget proposals. You will also learn how to keep participants engaged and measure results.

Why is a kickoff important for the company?

Engagement at kickoff

Measurement of kickoff results

The planning process for a kickoff

Target group analysis


Time line

Location selection


Choice of kickoff activities

Indoor activities

Outdoor activities

Selection of kickoff themes and ideas

Friluft - Outdoor kickoff

Team building – Internal Communication

Future - Innovative Kickoff

Cultural - Local Discoveries

Kick off
kick off

Choice of kickoff destination

How to stay within budget for kickoff

Negotiate the prices

Optimise resources

Search for quotes from several suppliers

Manage costs

Engaging the participants at kickoff

Create interesting presentations

Interactive activities

Opportunities to participate and contribute



Measurement of kickoff results

Plan for post-kickoff follow-up

Tips for post-kickoff follow-up

Common mistakes to avoid when planning kickoff

1. Not involving the whole team in the planning

2. Ignore the budget

3. Choosing the wrong place for the kickoff

4. Not having enough activities

5. Not having a backup plan

Team Building Kickoff in Sweden

Tips for a sustainable kickoff



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