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    4 star review  We hired Carl for our wedding after a disaster conversation with a DJ recommended by the venue who seemed deaf to our requests of music and customisations. By contrast Carl was very easy to communicate with, very considerate to our demands and flexible about scheduling and playlist ideas.He first came in to help us set up speakers so we could have music for the reception dinner. Unfortunately, the sound turned out a little too deep with bass, and made the music a bit muffled from the next room over, but our guests seemed to enjoy the dinner nonetheless.He then returned later in the day to play a set of songs, both on our prior request and his own selection, that had the dancefloor packed. Our guests seemed to enjoy themselves.Other than the bass speaker (which may have been the construction of venue/location as a green house, or just placement of the speaker in the adjacent room - not necessarily the equipment as such), I was pleased with hiring Carl.Strong 4 stars, and thank you again for helping us out!

    thumb Simon Peyda Moore

    5 star review  Carl (London DJ) did a fantastic job DJing the evening event for our wedding in Stockholm 29th July 2017. We had an especially eclectic mix of young and old from across, Sweden, the UK, the US, and Peru, and Carl did a remarkable job tailoring the music to this crowd.He prepared especially well for the La Hora Loca (The Crazy Hour) segment of our wedding (where everyone wears crazy costumes and dancing around like a crazy person for an hour), digging out a bunch of Latin hits, new and old, that proved great crowdpleasers. The time and effort he put into preparing this is clear. Thanks Carl!I'd really recommend Carl for any kind of event. He was calm, collected, and prepared beforehand, and really got into it during the performance, drawing the crowd onto the dance floor for the night. Great job!

    thumb Thom Iddon-Escalante

    5 star review  Just perfect for any kind of event really, Carl adapts to the crowd and make sure everyone keps dancing!

    thumb Mathieu Combes

    5 star review  Fantastiskt professionell och trevlig. Spelade hur bra som helst under hela kvällen/natten på vårt bröllop. Vi och alla våra gäster var väldigt nöjda! Skulle kunna rekommendera Carl för alla som söker en bra DJ till sitt bröllop! Tack för musiken, Carl!

    thumb Ani Arevian