The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist

Break your to-do list into bite-sized chunks to make wedding planning smooth

FrĂ„gan stĂ€lls, ringen Ă€r pĂ„, stjĂ€rnor Ă€r i era ögon… men nu dĂ„? Med sĂ„ mĂ„nga uppgifter att ta hand om och detaljer att ordna kan det verka övervĂ€ldigande att planning a wedding . Men om ni ger er sjĂ€lv tillrĂ€ckligt med tid att planera och sortera uppgifterna i en strukturerad checklista och tidslinje för bröllopsplanering blir jobbet roligare och mindre stressigt.

By breaking the year down month by month, you tackle the planning process in bite-sized chunks and it becomes much less overwhelming. We promise!

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Insure the engagement ring
While this is technically a pre-wedding planning activity, it feels important to include this point. We suggest purchasing engagement ring insurance as soon as possible (unless your fiance already took care of it before the big debut.)

Determine your budget
It's time to do the math and crunch some not-so-fun numbers. Before you can start anything, you need to find out who is paying for what and decide the vision of how your wedding will be. Then break down the budget – what is a priority and what is not? – and start distributing funds accordingly. (A little market research here comes in handy.) And since these numbers will change as you plan, it's smart to make a detailed spreadsheet from the start. This will help you keep track of expenses and make it easy to adjust the numbers along the way.

Make a guest list
If only you could invite anyone and everyone, right? Chances are good that you can't, so you have to put a ceiling on how many you intend to invite from each side. When deciding on the number of guests - consider your budget (how much can you afford?) and the location of the wedding (how many people does it fit?). And who pays for what? From there, figure out how to split the list. If you and your partner pay the bill, or if you receive an allowance from your parents, that can also be decisive.

Hire a wedding planner
Again, this depends on your budget. (Fair warning: Most of it will depend on budget) But if your budget allows—or your peace of mind depends on it—it's time to hire your right hand for your most significant day. This person will guide you in all decisions and handle much of the logistics. Maybe it's also this person who helps the bride-to-be not become a bridezilla on the way to your big day!

Create a wedding fitness plan
Depending on your pre-wedding fitness goals, a fitness and health plan should be considered anywhere from 12 to six months out. A proactive diet, exercise and mindfulness plan will not only make you look your best, but also ensure your mental and emotional well-being throughout the rest of the planning process. Write down your goals - it makes everything much easier.

Determine formality and overall theme
Now is the time to sit down and have another meaningful conversation with your significant other. After all, the mood of your wedding must be a mutual decision between the two guests of honor. To get the conversation flowing, pour a glass of wine/water/tea and ask yourselves: What is important to us and why? What do we value? Listen to each other's values, wishes and visions and create your common era.

Choose a Venue
Okay, you know who you're marrying. Now the real question is where? Trust us: Choosing a location is one of the most important decisions you'll make right now. Seriously, the location affects almost everything else, from how many people you invite to what kind of flowers go on the table. There is a good chance that the location is the biggest cost at the wedding. That's why you want to explore your options, visit the best places and the places that fit your vision and the style you want to capture on your big day. The number of guests should also be taken into account, which decoration, furnishings, if waiters and kitchen staff are included and budget.
When you choose your location,, review the pros and cons list, and trust your gut - this decision is about how you feel when you're there.

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Buy wedding insurance
Organizing a wedding is a big financial investment, so make sure your insurance covers you against damage and liabilities on the big day.

VĂ€lj Select Catering company
Your wedding is the best (and biggest) dinner party of your life. So how exactly do you feed xx number of your loved ones? Start by hiring people you trust - again think through your vision and figure out what kind of food fits your vision, and be creative if necessary to suit you. The guests will enjoy and you will enjoy! đŸŽšđŸ’đŸ“žđŸŽ”

11 months left


Choose a color theme and start thinking about overall design
Bring out your Pinterest/Instagram inspo. It's finally time to gather inspiration, choose a color palette and create a mood board.If you struggle with inspo, we recommend taking a step back and looking at things that are already in your world – like how you've decorated your house, what you like on Instagram, etc. – and drawing inspiration from that. Another tip could be - to check if a wedding fair is being organized in the near future and browse magazines to find more inspiration for your mood board. 


Hire suppliers who book up quickly, e.g. your photographer, band, DJ
These are the people who will make your evening unforgettable. Do your research before hiring them and maybe even meet the trÀffa photographer and have them take your engagement portraits. London DJ Stockholm take care of your first dance and provide the party atmosphere during the wedding night, it can also be good to arrange a meeting to share your vision and favorite songs.


10 months left

Start looking for your wedding dress
You may or may not exakt know exactly what you want, which is okay too. Take inspiration from what you saved on Instagram and other channels, wedding fairs, and magazines that inspire you. Perhaps a girls' weekend in, for example, London could be relevant to finding the perfect wedding dress. Review which options suit you and your budget. But this is probably the most important day of your life.

Book hotel rooms/ plan overnight stay situation for guests
It's a nice gesture to block rooms (and secure a discounted rate) for your guests if the opportunity exists. Review options when you know where you will have your wedding and party. 

Take engagement photos
Now is a good time to practice being in front of the camera, especially since most photographers include a session in their package.

Start looking at invitations
The wedding invitation is a guest's first impression of your big day. In addition, it sets the stamp on the anticipation of your wedding. If the invitation is to be designed by you - start working with a graphic designer now to create your unique invitation. If you are not going to custom design your invitation, you can wait until there are six months left. (Invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before the big day. 

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9 mÄnader kvar

Buy your wedding dress
It's time to say "yes" to the dress if you want to avoid stress and delivery times. 

Send Save-the-Dates
Officially let everyone know when and where you're making it official. And remember: Everyone who gets a save-the-date gets a wedding invitation. No exceptions.

bröllop checklista

8 months left

Register for gifts
Involve your better half in this one – after all, the two of you are building a life (and home) together. When you sign up, it's smart to ask for things — like sheets, pots, pans, and so on—but it's even smarter to think about what you really want. Are you an adventurer? verkligen vill ha. Är ni Ă€ventyrare?   Charity donor? Think about your hobbies and tailor the registry to your soon-to-be-married lifestyle.? TĂ€nk pĂ„ era hobbyer och skrĂ€ddarsy registret efter er snart gifta livsstil.

Choose bridesmaid dresses and bridal party accessories and set a date to try on the dresses.
After browsing for inspiration, ask your bridesmaids to come shop with you IRL—if they live nearby. It will be helpful to see them together in their dresses, and you can even ask how they feel about the options you are considering. After all, they have to wear it in front of a crowd of hundreds. Consider accessories and accessories while you're at it.

Meet potential florists
Just like hiring other vendors, you also want to be in sync with your florist. To do that, we suggest asking friends for recommendations, scrolling through Instagram inspo, and asking your planner who they recommend in the area. It is important that you find someone who can deliver your vision and budget. budget.

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7 months left


Book the rehearsal dinner room
One idea is to go with the same theme as the wedding itself or why not your favorite restaurant? 


Think about whether you want musicians at the wedding
It's time to book the musician or singer for your wedding, this makes the whole event during the wedding a little more personal. 

Order rental items, such as special chairs, drapery, lounge furniture, dance floors, etc.
You might think that all this extra is a little over the top, but the fact is that in your wedding day decoration will have a great impact on the final result. Perhaps it is already included in the place you have chosen to have your wedding. Conclusion: Don't skimp on upgraded chairs and cozy lounge furniture (your guests will thank you) if your budget allows.

Hire a wedding officiant
If you are not getting married in a house of worship, you will need to hire someone to make it official.


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Hire a lighting technician
The most important detail couples forget about is lighting. Seriously, the bulbs and candles you choose are what will ultimately light up your perfect venue, get your photos just right, and keep the party going—even after the sun has gone down.


5 months left


Book transportation for guests, if needed
How do you know if it is needed? Consider your venue's parking situation, guests' access to car services or public transportation, and the cost if you ask them to get there themselves. A good rule of thumb: If it's going to cost guests $200 or more—especially if you've already asked them to travel for a destination wedding—consider a bus.

Book transport for you, the newlyweds
Time to think about you two. Whether you want to get into a limousine for a stretch or on a tandem bike - get around in a style that's yours.

Book the honeymoon
Traditionally, wedding etiquette dictates that the groom plans a surprise honeymoon for the bride. But it's probably a little way back in time. Think about yourselves, what is your dream trip, or what fits into your lifestyle, and make this trip an opportunity to land as wife and husband, before you step into everyday life together.  

Buy or rent the groom's tuxedo
The groom goes out first, remember? Make sure the first impression on your guests is a good one. Step one is to choose between a tuxedo or suit, based on the formality of your wedding, and then decide whether to buy or rent. When choosing the actual outfit, focus on fit and function. A well-made outfit will be flattering, but also allow your groom to show off any embarrassing dance moves without fear of splitting seams. 

Begin premarital counseling
Whether you come from a religious background or not, premarital counseling has worked wonders for countless couples. (The experts say so, and so do the couples ocksÄ.) It's good to have an objective third party to encourage you to address issues that haven't come up yet in your relationship. And counselors can provide healthy conflict resolution tactics so you're ready when the inevitable disagreement presents itself.

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4 months left


Have your final tasting with the caterer
At this point, you have shared your picture with the caterer. Now it's time to taste whether they really captured your vision. Tasting has become increasingly important as more and more couples choose to customize everything from their signature cocktails to their desserts. Be critical, it's your big day and the food is an important element of the wedding day itself for you and for the guests.

Choose your cake
Now you and your partner should agree on a look and taste profile that you both love. Don't stress about pleasing every single one of your guests. This is your cake as a couple. Has the cake/cakes been decided? You need a baker. Find one and go to a tasting where you share your vision.  

Buy a wedding ring
Does your fiancé (or you) know the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring? (And don't forget to buy insurance for these, too.)

Choose the groom's attire and schedule fittings within the month


Want the groom and his crew to be matchy-matchy?
How can you ensure that the entire entourage is assembled on time? Make a plan with the groom. 

Hair and make-up samples
Help the professionals help you by giving them a clear picture of how you think and what your vision is. Look back at old photos of yourself to find something that has worked in the past and makes sure you still look like yourself. Bring the pictures and be as specific as possible with the stylist about what you want and don't want. Here it can also be a good time to review contacts and perhaps both make-up and hair can be arranged by people close to you. Good for the budget, but splurge just because - it's your big day and it should feel right! 

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3 months left

Order the invitations
There are a few ground rules when it comes to ordering wedding invitations: Order enough of them to allow for any mistakes, make sure they arrive on time, create a system to record RSVPs, and confirm all addresses and spelling. But when it comes to design and wording, the options are endless. Need some advice on how to get it all under control? Keep reminding yourselves that the theme of your invitations should match the atmosphere of the wedding and express you as a couple.

Create or plan your menu
After a successful tasting, you have a good feel for a caterer's style and offerings, and you are now ready to order the final menu. Maybe you are the couple who have hand-picked every main, side, dessert, and drink situation. Or maybe you just told the chef to “deal with it”. Anyway, now is the time to stamp your approval on a finished menu that suits your budget, taste, and timing.

Brainstorm guest favors and gift bags
You don't need  to make gift bags, but now is the time to decide if you will have it for your geese. 

Book a photo booth rental
Photo booths have become a hit and something that often occurs at weddings. This is also a good time to think about it if you have any other ideas for the party. 

Write your vows
If you have chosen to write your own vows to each other, and start thinking about how they should sound for the two of you as a couple.  Traditionally? Feminist? Pop culture inspired?  

Select readings
Bible verses are a choice here, but there are also plenty of non-religious options. If you prefer designated readers to choose their own, be sure to give them as much guidance as possible.

Meet the officiant and invite them to the rehearsal dinner
Can your officiant be chosen legally, affordably and meaningfully help the two of you become one? Once you've chosen, make sure they're on the same page as you about expectations and the overall tone of the ceremony. 

Bröllops checklista

2 months left

Send the wedding invitations (with RSVP due 1 month before the wedding)
You've already done the hard part – the selection process. Now it's just a matter of printing and and mounting.

Send out rehearsal dinner invitations (these can be included in the wedding invitations if you wish)

First dress fitting
Your first fitting of the dress should  be anywhere between two to three months after ordering, and your second fitting should fall around the six-week mark.

Buy underwear for wedding dresses
After the first fitting, you can buy the underwear needed to set the foundation. It's best to wait until this point because the first trial of the wedding dress will determine what type of underwear – from shapewear to underwear – the design will require.

Get your marriage license
Ah, the fine print. When you get your marriage license, it's important to know where to go, what to bring, how much it will cost, how long it will take, and how long it will last.

Buy wedding favors
How much you spend on wedding favors is an individual decision, but regardless of your price point, the goal should be to give something that is as thoughtful, functional, and personal as possible. Here are some suggestions.

Make a floral mock-up with your florist
Flower samples vary depending on the florist and your own wedding decor choices. Now is the time to finalize your delivery and care strategy.

Give the song selections to your band or DJ

Give song selections to ceremony musicians

Buy all small items
Just off the top of our heads, they include table numbers, toasting flutes, cake toppers, cake stand,  cake knife,, guest tray,, card box,, ring bearer accessories, flower girl accessories,  a cute  hanger for the dress and a garter (if you choose to wear one). Also consider purchasing pashminas, flip-flops, and/or sunglasses for guests to change into at the reception, as well as baskets to hold them. Then don't forget your signs ("Welcome", "Guest book", "Dance shoes", etc.).

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1 month left

Make gift bags

Order or make placement cards 

Have a final site walkthrough
Make a list of questions ahead of time and bring your planner or another close friend or family member to cover anything you forget.

Walk in your wedding shoes
Dance in the kitchen. Do everything in your power to avoid painful blisters on your wedding night.

Bröllops Checklista

Last week

Congratulations! You've made it all the way to the final week of wedding planning. Take a deep breath now, most of the hard work is over at this point. Now only the small details remain.Take care of things like:

  • Refresh your hair color
  • Get your eyebrows done
  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Having a massage (why not make it a couples massage?)
  • Final dress fitting 
  • Pack your bags for the honeymoon (don't forget your passports if you leave the country) 
  • Clean your rings (go to your jeweler to have your engagement ring professionally cleaned so it's extra sparkly on your wedding day)
  • Clear to-do list so you can focus only on wedding festivities and take it all in
  • Practice your vows out loud
  • Write a note to your partner
Bröllops Checklista

Night before and wedding day

The big day is finally here. All the careful preparation and creative planning have come to fruition, and it's time to enjoy the wedding. To Do: 

The night before:

Eat a healthy meal

Pack a small bag with personal items

Drink Water

Get a good night's sleep

Place any suitcases, bags and survival kits to bring to the ceremony or reception in the car.

The morning of:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Drink even more water
  • Get your dress and veil out of the bag early and have someone steam them if needed
  • Lay out any items (rings, invitations, etc.) that you want the photographer to capture
  • Exchange notes with your partner
  • Say thank you to everyone around you till alla runt omkring dig



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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

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