40th Birthday - 40 Tips, Ideas and Activities

40th Birthday - 40 Tips, Ideas and Activities

Venture into the fabulous 40s with a bang! Dive into our blog post for 40 hilarious tips, ideas, and activities to make your 40th birthday party an unforgettable riot. Say goodbye to boring parties, and hello to mid-life crises!

Organize a Festival Themed Party

Enhancing your party with an inventive theme can be the extra spice that makes your guests remember the evening long after the last dance has been danced. Say you're thinking of throwing a festival-themed party, whether it's a 40th birthday party or just a spontaneous event. An excellent way to guarantee the fun factor and get guests in a good mood!

Now, our 40th birthday party tips do come with a small caveat. This party theme is not for the faint-hearted. But when has that ever stopped you? Remember, you're not just aging, you're leveling up! So get ready to showcase your event planning skills with a line-up of exciting activities. Throw in a few DIY booths, eclectic food stands, and even a make-shift concert stage. Is there any better way to prove you can challenge the conventional norms of celebration? Turn down the lights, crank up the music, and let your festival-themed party rock the neighborhood. After all, life begins at 40!

40 årsfest

See a Live Concert

Have you thought about what would shake up a traditional 40th birthday party? There are plenty of ideas, but few can match the experience of a swinging live concert! Imagine celebrating your fortieth birthday to the tunes of your favorite band. The bass line that shakes the whole body and soul, the guitar riff that automatically makes your hips wiggle, and the singer's voice that drowns out your own birthday cheers - now we're talking party! party!

The intensity of the bass vibrating through your body, the twinkling sea of lighters, or mobile flashlights swaying in tandem with the rhythm; it's an uncontested fact that live concerts have their own peculiar charm. Now, you might be wondering, "Why would I want to become a part of a sweaty, jubilant crowd just to watch someone perform?" Dear friends, it’s simple; because you’re not turning 40 every day! So, take the plunge! And remember, there's no 'queue' to the washroom in your memory of an amazing night.

40 årsfest

Book a Box at the Theater

If you're thinking of 40th birthday party activities with a sense of grandeur, then why not turn the spotlight towards the theater? After all, your 40's are undoubtedly the new 30's! Just like wine, we only get better and more refined with age. So, hold up your bubbling champagne, don your best evening attire, like the star you are, and get ready to hop into your own private opulence: a theater box.

Adulthood gives us permission to appreciate art like never before. As we marvel at a breathtaking performance from our private enclave, the theater box, we sip on fine wine, laugh at Shakespearean puns, and gasp at plot twists. A thrilling mix of suspense, drama, and comedy - just like life in the 40s. More than just a guise for sophistication, this is a 40th birthday party activity that tantalizingly whispers, "Congrats, my dear! Welcome to the glorious adulthood!".

40 årsfest

Transform Life into Art

Life's kaleidoscope keeps shifting; with each change, emerges a spectrum beaming with opportunities to immerse in creative exploration. Every sigh you breathe out in exhaustion after a long day alludes to an untold narrative, a sonnet awaiting your voice. Your everyday life mirrors a canvas, flushed with mundane hues of our existence, which, when observed through a kaleidoscopic lens, explodes into a vibrant palette of experiences.

But how does this splendid burst of life translate into art? Consider your life as a segmented opera of joggers in the morning, caffeine-laden business meetings, quick lunches over conference calls, frantic deadlines, and nightcaps with Netflix. Each day offers an impressive symphony of sights, sounds, and emotions. The secret sauce to transforming these mundane routines into art is perception– like that annoying artist friend of yours who sees a metaphysical piece of existential crisis in a toothbrush, or your poet buddy who finds deep philosophical meanings in morning alarm snoozes. The creative transformation isn't suspiciously secretive; it's all about finding humor and beauty in the ordinary and painting it into your own masterpiece.

40 årsfest

Arrange a Birthday Party

Who needs a party planner when you've got two perfectly good hands and an eager spirit? Ditch those fancy folks, haul in the balloons, and let's get this party started! Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you most certainly should), is to arrange a birthday bash that would make F. Scott Fitzgerald's Gatsby shindigs look like lukewarm tea parties.

Begin by choosing an eccentric theme - time travel, a vintage circus, or an alien abduction, perhaps. Follow up with a guest list that's as crazy as the party's theme. Let's not forget the pièce de résistance - the cake! Get a cake so ridiculously large, that the fire department will have to be on standby when you light the candles. Bet you Gatsby never thought of that one!

40 årsfest

Take on a Birthday Challenge

Imagine reaching a certain age where blowing out candles feels more like a workout than a celebration! Fear not, there exists a concept known as a "Birthday Challenge", a unique and enjoyable way to truly commemorate your special day. Why be subjected to the monotony of traditional birthday customs when you can test your mettle on a thrilling challenge specially tailored for you? Not only would you get a lifetime's worth of bragging rights, but also the fantastic feeling of accomplishment.

Some birthday challenges can be centered around the number representing the celebrant's new age. Your age could be anything, twenty for all I know. Maybe you could make a challenge of eating twenty different types of cheese or climbing twenty flights of stairs! A word to the wise, choose something that won't land you in the ER! Though nursing a food coma or sore muscles might generate quite the epic birthday tale, "That year when I pushed beyond my limits" will be a memory worth reminiscing.

40 årsfest

Volunteer for a Good Cause

For many, a birthday suggests a knee-high stack of presents, a decadently frosted cake, or perhaps napping through the day only to awake to the sound of friends lugging in kegs and a questionable number of inflatable flamingoes. But, unbeknownst to some, these traditions are not universally recognized as the key ingredients to perfect merriment. In fact, folks of a particularly big-hearted variety might just swap the pinata for a more philanthropic pursuit - volunteering, for instance.

Now, lest your imagination begins to conjure up joyless images of serving gruel to the grumpy and downtrodden, let's nip that misconception in the bud. Volunteering isn’t just about serving soup in a homeless shelter on a drab Tuesday afternoon. It’s your birthday - bamboozlement and giggles are downright mandatory! Consider lending your smirk and labor to a children’s hospital, and develop an unexpected proficiency in crafting balloon animals. Or maybe help paint a vibrantly colorful mural for a local community space, all the while giving Picasso a good run for his money. It's all fun, games, and secret superhero business - contributing to a cause greater than yourself and, incidentally, occupying your hands to prevent any mischievous dives into the cake before the candles are lit.

40 årsfest

An Evening at the Movies

Gather round, fellow cinephiles, for the luscious and exquisite ritual that is an evening out at the movies! Embedded in the velvety allure of the dimmed lights, the whispered anticipation, and the scent of buttery popcorn wafting by in clouds of deliciousness, is a world that invites, excites, and transports. Who needs a magic carpet when you can simply buy a ticket, find a comfortable spot in the plush rows, and launch on the adventure that's about to unfold on the silver screen? As each reel uncovers dreams, tales, and ethereal beauty, we laugh, we cry, and we feel our souls intertwined with the characters, living through fictional realities that become intensely ours for a few fleeting hours. It's the strangest mix of poetic solitude within a collective sentiment, experienced within the cinema hall.

Every movie buff's paradise is complete with the subtle moments that frame it. Like the shared giggles at a cheeky dialogue, the impulsive gasps that plummet the theater into nail-biting suspense, or even the crunch of popcorn sometimes accentuating the onscreen drama! Remember the exhilarating debates on the way home dissecting every twist and turn? How about the pretended know-it-all attitude when discussing an avant-garde cinematic technique or a prophetic piece of dialogue? A refreshingly peculiar blend of experiences—that’s the charm of an evening at the movies, never quite the same, always irreplaceably charming.

40 årsfest

Enjoy Some ME Time

In the hustle and bustle of life, aren’t we constantly pining for that elusive "me" time? Between work deadlines, trying to maintain a social life, and the obligatory FaceTime calls with your delightful aunt (who has the unique talent of taking 10 minutes to describe a 30-second incident), personal time seems to escape us. Oh, dear reader, let not despair consume you! There’s a simple, albeit overlooked, solution! It's time to put on your favorite pajamas, turn on your voicemail, politely tell the world to "take a hike" for a few hours, and embrace that precious ME time.

Now, the question arises, what to do in this coveted ME time? We all have our unique quirks. Do you belong to the sacred order of 'Netflix Binge-Watchers'? Or perhaps you're a covert master of the art of 'Lines and Doodles', etching masterpieces in your sketch pad? Maybe you are in the exclusive league of 'The Culinary Curious', exploring the magical, and often messy, world of cookie-making or pasta-throwing (remember, it only sticks to the wall when it's perfectly al-dente!). However outrageously distinctive or serene your hobbies may be, the fundamental goal is simple; curl up into your comfort bubble and immerse yourself in the joy of ME time. Cheers to solitude and tranquillity!

40 årsfest

Buy That One Thing You REALLY Want

Allow me to introduce your wallet's worst nightmare and heart's sweetest desire—the big ticket item you've been lusting after for who knows how long. That top-of-the-line tech device, that designer handbag, that dream vacation, or even that deluxe edition 10-speed bicycle mounted on the local sports shop window. The kind of thing you see in your dreams and makes your credit card tremble with fear. Yup, we've all been head-over-heels in love with that one thing we absolutely, positively, no doubt about it WANT.

Eyes on the prize, my friend, eyes on the prize. Now, if the only obstacle keeping you from sprinting towards ownership is the price tag, remember—that's not an obstacle, it's a challenge. See it this way, your piggy bank becomes an Everest waiting for you to conquer. Each coin you add is a step closer to the peak until you emerge victorious with the prize in hand. Fancy managing your money with a dose of fun and excitement? How about a quest for that one thing you REALLY want?


40 årsfestDinner Party Safari

Imagine this. The clock strikes seven, and your friends arrive right on time, giddy with anticipation. Doors open to reveal a scene out of the Serengeti, complete with tropical greenery and the soft growl of a lion emanating from your impressive surround sound system. This is no ordinary dining experience; this is your passport to adventure, right in the heart of your living room!

Now, these 40th Birthday Party Tips are downright essential, I tell ya! You may not have an actual hippopotamus blocking your bathroom (and really, who would hope for that?), but with creative decorations and a themed menu, your guests will swear they're dining amidst the enchanting fauna of Africa. Be sure to encourage everyone to dress according to a theme, creating a hilarious combination of khaki cargo pants and cocktail dresses. Trust me, nothing says ‘Life begins at 40’ like a group of your friends humming The Circle of Life, with barbecue sauce smeared faces, tipsy from 'jungle juice' cocktails.

40 årsfest

Potluck Dinner Party

Who said turning 40 had to be a solemn affair? One of the most exciting 40th birthday party ideas is a lively, stomach-filling, sociable event that creates memories as diverse as the culinary offerings: the immortal potluck dinner party! Toss out the idea that birthdays should be meticulously catered, and instead embrace the flavorful chaos and camaraderie that is the hallmark of a great potluck.

Nothing unearths hidden talents in your friends like asking them to share their favorite dish with the crowd. Suddenly, mild-mannered Mike from accounting unveils his penchant for gourmet cupcakes, and unassuming Aunt Sally reveals a mouth-watering lasagna recipe passed down through generations. So yes, you're turning 40! But who cares about the creeping years when you're sampling glorious, home-cooked fare and sharing laughter with loved ones?



Murder Mystery Evening

For an exhilarating element of suspense, nothing compares to incorporating 40th birthday party activities in a most unexpected way - by throwing an interactive, immersive Murder Mystery Evening! Amidst the laughter and joy, there's a plot twist with a fun-filled investigation, adding an element of unexpected charm. This certainly isn't your typical surprise party, but rather a dazzling display of deception and detective work.

Imagine all attendees portraying unique, colorful characters in a good-natured, tongue-in-cheek romp of drama and suspense! As the birthday person, you may find yourself playing a debonair gent or perhaps acting as an entire international secret society. The silly twists and turns keep everyone laughing while working together to solve the faux crime. In essence, it's like playing a giant, gleeful, live-action game of Cluedo!

40 årsfest

Go Wine Tasting

For those with an adventurous palate and a longing for a little sophistication, how about embarking on a tipsy journey rolling past velvety Cabernets, round fruity Merlots, all the way to the crisp citrus notes of a chilled Sauvignon Blanc? It’s not just an opportunity to relish the delightful flavors; you might just impress your mates with your profound wine wisdom! Who would've thought, a grape juice connoisseur was hidden among us?

Just imagine - sniff, swirl, sip and spit? Oh, not unless it’s corked! Would you dare discard a vintage so disrespectfully? But remember, it’s all fun and games till someone can’t tell Pinot Noir from Cabernet Sauvignon, but worry not, that’s what the spittoon is for. Wine tasting could truly be one of the most memorable experiences, so let's leave the boxed wine behind and dive straight for the vino indulgence. Don’t forget to stick your pinky out for some extra elegance and hilarity. Cheers!

40 årsfest

Private Dinner

Ah, yes. There's nothing like a wine glass clinking, candle lights flickering, and a jazz quartet serenading the background. Wink at your partner across the table while murmuring sweet nothings into their ear, a pseudo-French accent betraying the fact that you couldn't find a suitable translator for your menu. Ah, the old 'Chez Nous' strategy. It's been done so many times yet we all fall for it!

A well-planned menu could be the difference between Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen and a Michelin Star experience. Woody notes a rich red wine dancing merrily with a medium-rare steak in an over-the-top interpretive samba. Or perhaps, the sizzle of freshly seared scallops caused an explosion of drool-provoking aromas to fill the room. A gustatory journey indeed, or as the French say, a "bouquet of flavors". Who wouldn't want to be a part of such a well-choreographed gastronomic fiesta? Well, at least until the bills start rolling in!

40 årsfest

Hire a DJ

Blast the boredom out of your parties by investing in jam-tastic sounds that bring the roof down; we're talking about a DJ here folks! Ever watched a party turn from a casual get-together into an epic dance battle? If not, you're missing out! The secret ingredient is the beats that only a professional DJ can bring. Their uncanny ability to read the crowd and morph little grooves into full-fledged dance-offs is a skill not to be underestimated.

A DJ är inte bara en lek och skratt på dansgolvet. En riktig proffs kan skapa en dynamisk atmosfär som passerar genom olika genrer och tidsperioder, för att hålla gästerna roade och förvånade. Beroende på ditt partiets tema kan du begära att ha låtar från 80-talet, diskobeats eller kanske till och med vissa specifika låtar från dina favoritartister. Och oroa dig inte, om du är orolig för ljudnivån, de flesta DJ:s har en master-volymknapp! 

Hyra Dj Till Födelsedag Företag Bröllop I Stockholm

Take a Cooking Class

Gone are the days when people thought frying an egg was an extreme sport. Kids welcome to the age of gourmet cooking classes, where burning rice is seen as a crime probably harsher than deflating your neighbor's tire. You don't have to be the next Gordon Ramsay or Julia Child to thrill your taste buds. All you need is a positive attitude, a will to learn, and an ability to follow instructions without burning down the kitchen. And remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...or in this case, a single spatula.

Wondering how to spice things up? Bring your gang along. Nothing builds connection and camaraderie like watching your friends make a fool of themselves, struggling to dice a simple onion, or crying over too much chili in the Szechuan chicken. Trading jokes, chortling over culinary mishaps, and creating a delightful mess can be the highlight of your weekend, and hey, you might even learn to make a decent lasagna out of it! So why not trade the cliched clubbing night for a rollercoaster ride in the world of cooking?

40 årsfest

High Tea – It's a Classic for a Reason!

When you're thinking about throwing a dinner party and feel like your creativity has gone on strike, let's not forget the Brits got something fantastic right - the tradition of high tea. It's time to whip out those pastel-colored tea sets, decadent cakes, and intricate sandwiches, and don't forget those fashionable wide-brimmed hats. Slurp your tea ever so delicately as you gently sip your stress away. Trust me, nothing oozes high-class snobbery and rustling skirts - I mean - sophistication as much as a high tea soiree!

The best part - high tea is perfectly scheduled in the late afternoon. The party gets over in time for you to hit the sack early, but not before you've absorbed the classiest of calories. Once you're saying cheerio to everyone, don't forget to adjust your monocle, straighten your top hat, and pull out your most posh English accent. After all, darling, it's high tea and it demands to be celebrated with style and panache. Not to mention, a healthy dose of sarcasm and humor is absolutely quintessential.

40 årsfest

Make a Bucket List

There's something entertaining about scrawling down the crazy and wild aspirations we fancy ourselves achieving someday. Who knew that grappling with mortality could be such a giggle? A simple refreshment, an ample stack of sticky notes, and an array of colorful Sharpies can spark a fun-filled evening. This lively gathering will transform from a casual get-together into a whimsical forum, brimming with dreams and possibilities.

Instead of the customary Netflix binge, divert your dinner party into a creative adventure. Invite your guests to share their hearts' deepest desires, from skydiving above exotic locales to having a roadside churro named after them. You know, because nothing screams "I've made it!" louder than a deep-fried dough pastry tribute. Remember, it's not about who has the longest or most extravagant list, but rather the creativity and hilarity that bubbles up from one's bucket list revelations.

40 årsfest

Pizza and Game Night

Föreställ dig en fredag kväll fylld av leende ansikten, doften av nygräddad pizza och ljudet av tärningar som rullar på ett brädspel. Ladda upp med dina favoritpizzatoppings och samla vänner för en oslagbar kombination av mat och skoj. Vem sa att man behöver vara barn för att njuta av en pizza- och spelnatt?

Det kan vara klurigt att bestämma vilket spel man ska spela, men tur att det finns mängder att välja mellan! Från det klassiska Monopol till det stressande Tempelraset, det finns något för alla smaker. Så varför inte skruva upp spänningen på din nästa sammankomst med en pizza- och spelnatt? Bara kom ihåg, spelet är mycket roligare när alla får sin egen slice försiktigt lämnad på spelbordet!

40 årsfest

Book a Skydiving Experience

Oh, the big 4-0 is approaching, is it? Well, what better way to flaunt your unyielding audacity than plunging earthward from 15,000ft, right? Now, wait! Before you start drafting that smashing eulogy for your youth, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it comes with 40th Birthday Party Tips that depart from the conventional dinner and drinks. Spirits are meant to be lifted, literally, and there's no fun in merely blowing candles when you can challenge the winds instead.

Throwing oneself out of a perfectly good airplane sounds like every genteel grandmother's worst nightmare. Yet, as one teeters at the edge of societal “over-the-hill” status, going for a skydiving experience is akin to giving a sassy nod to Midlife Crisis and saying "Not today, mate!". Let your worries free-fall, while you float in the immense expanse of the sky – like a feather or perhaps, a balding bird. And think about it, no other gift can make a cake made from bran cereals and prunes appear super exciting in comparison.

40 årsfestBook a New Adventure

Age is just a number, and 40 is the new 20, didn't you know?! It's a fantastic age where you've just about figured out most things in life and you're ready for brand-spanking new adventures. Get those 40th Birthday Party Ideas brewing and surprise the celebrant with an adventure that will take his or her breath away - literally!

Imagine the thrill of paragliding over picturesque landscapes, or discovering the mystic underwater world through scuba diving. Maybe it's time they discovered their 'Indiana Jones' side with a thrilling archaeological digs vacation! Or why not think outside the box? The celebrant could meet their favorite author at a book signing or compete in a cheese rolling contest just for kicks! The options are endless and as outrageous as their new 'middle-aged-ness'! Only when you're 40 can you get away with such shenanigans? It's a beautiful age, embrace the adventurous side!


Book a New Adventure

Age is just a number, and 40 is the new 20, didn't you know?! It's a fantastic age where you've just about figured out most things in life and you're ready for brand-spanking new adventures. Get those 40th Birthday Party Ideas brewing and surprise the celebrant with an adventure that will take his or her breath away - literally!

Imagine the thrill of paragliding over picturesque landscapes, or discovering the mystic underwater world through scuba diving. Maybe it's time they discovered their 'Indiana Jones' side with a thrilling archaeological digs vacation! Or why not think outside the box? The celebrant could meet their favorite author at a book signing or compete in a cheese rolling contest just for kicks! The options are endless and as outrageous as their new 'middle-aged-ness'! Only when you're 40 can you get away with such shenanigans? It's a beautiful age, embrace the adventurous side!

40 årsfest

Get a Tattoo!

Looking for 40th birthday party activities that are a bit out of the ordinary? How about committing to an inky symbol of your life journey so far? Yes, you've guessed it right – we’re talking Tattoos! Tattooing is a form of body art that has been cherished by different cultures for centuries. It's a unique way to mark your four successful decades on this planet - celebrating life, love, triumphs, and trials.

Humor us here - imagine the surprise at that mid-life crisis shindig when you roll up your sleeve to unveil a brand-new tattoo! Whether it's a simple design or a more intricate masterpiece, tattoos carry a personal meaning that's bound to spark numerous conversations. And let's be honest, what could be more entertaining at 40 than answering the "And what does your new etched skin symbolism mean?" question all night long? Just ensure you don't get inked when you are drunk - that's never a satisfactory tale, particularly if you end up with a "Life begins at 40" tattoo on your forehead!

40 årsfest

Create a Photo Book

There's no high-tech gadgetry required for this - all that's needed is a camera, a couple of your favorite pictures, and maybe some glue. Unless you're into wrecking your photo prints with a stapler - hey, we don’t judge! Gather those hilarious holiday pictures or your sneaky snaps of a family member sleeping with their mouth wide open, and start working on your masterpiece.

Consider separating the book into different sections or themes. For instance, you might have a section for 'Animals Dressed as Humans' or perhaps 'Bad Hair Days'. For a creative touch, include short captions that would make even the grumpiest of grandmas chuckle. A photo book is not just a collection of pictures, it’s a treasure trove of awesome memories - seasoned with a pinch of humor and a whole lot of love – to be enjoyed over and over again. Just remember - no staplers on the photos, unless you intentionally want the 'bullet-hole' effect!

40 årsfest

Take Some Professional Photos

There's a freaking artist trapped inside every smartphone user, just bursting to get out. No, silly, it's not your obsession with Cupcake Wars. We’re talking about the generational talent for taking selfies that's been brewing within you all along. Unleash that inner award-winning photographer within you and go on an adventure to capture the world through your lens. Not with your regular smartphone camera, of course, the one you use for those 3 AM, miserable and blurry, ramen noodle snaps. No, we’re nudging you towards the quintessential professional photoshoot, and boy, is it going to be a riot!

With professional lighting, arcane equipment, and a backdrop breathtaking enough to trick anyone into thinking that you are holidaying in the Maldives (even if it's just a glorified sheet), professional photography takes the selfie game to a whole new stratosphere. Leave the inane filters and mundane dog face effects in the dust - this is the major league, now. Enthrall your friends and followers with high-quality pictures that scream sophistication, elegance, or just pure silliness, if that’s your shtick. So, embrace the clown, channel the diva, or impersonate the royals; the choice is yours and the stage is set. It’s time to take some professional photos, and perfect that Blue Steel.

40 årsfest

Refresh Your Look

Is your wardrobe feeling a bit "been there, worn that?" Do you catch your reflection in the mirror and think, “Maybe the 90s aren’t making a comeback?” Well, it might just be time to shake things up in the style department. A touch of razzle-dazzle here, a sprinkle of pizzazz there and voilà, you're not just keeping up with the Kardashians, you're outpacing them!

Think outside the box and test the waters. Swap your satin bow ties for funky cravats, trade your comfy slippers for some sassy stilettos, or bid adieu to your worn-out jeans for fresh and crisp khakis. Have fun with your aesthetic, feel empowered by your choices, and watch as the world becomes your fashion runway. Remember, life is too short for a boring wardrobe. So go ahead, give yourself permission to reinvent, amaze and keep them guessing - what's next?

40 årsfest

Learn Something New

Life can sometimes feel like being stuck in a constantly repeating Groundhog Day - same tasks, same routines, same old, same old! But fear not dear reader, for there is a glimmering hope on the horizon in the form of learning something new. Simply, we're encouraging you to embrace your inner Renaissance man or woman!

Why not try, let’s say, underwater basket weaving? Finish that course and voila - next time you're out on a date you've got a fail-safe conversation starter. Or how about astrophysics? You could casually drop at the next family dinner, "Oh, did I mention, I'm currently studying the secrets of the universe and quantum parallelism". Cue the silent stares of awe from Aunt Mabel and Cousin Tim! So go for it! As they say, today is the first day of the rest of your frontal lobe!

40 årsfest

Create Something!

Imagine waltzing into a room, head held high with pride, clutching a trophy in your arms; a trophy of your own creation. A dream? No, my friends, it's the heart-warming bliss that comes from creating something yourself. Whether it's a love song sung to a pet parakeet, a hand-knit smorgasbord of different colored socks, or painting a silhouette landscape of your grandmother doing yoga. Crafting something from scratch gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment unlike any store-bought possession ever could.

Creating is not only about the finished product, oh no siree! The sheer joy of working with your hands, letting your imagination run wild, and the occasional spicy tabasco sauce mishaps in homemade candle making, are all part of the experience. Remember, the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried. So roll up your sleeves, and prepare for clay-covered clothes or paint-splattered faces, because it's time to create something!

40 årstfestNight at the Museum

Picture this: Your heart is pounding as you sneak around, flashlight in hand, through hallways filled with ancient fossils and prized artifacts. "I've got my own private Indiana Jones movie happening right here," you might chuckle to yourself. Ah, the thrills of after-dark escapades at a prestigious institution that usually closes its doors at 5 p.m.! Surreptitiously stumbling upon captivating exhibits and nocturnal creatures of all shapes and sizes - the excitement is palpable, and no prohibited feeding of gum to the T-Rex is needed.

Navigating through a pitch-black arts and science abode might seem ludicrous, but hold onto your socks, it's not! With just the sweep of a trusty torch, you unearth secrets older than your great-grandmother’s chinaware. Oh don’t worry about the security, they're good sports. Even they can’t deny the hilarity of trying to decipher Da Vinci in the dark or playing hide and seek with sneaky mummy cases. Trust me, nothing screams adventure more than a "night at the museum".

40 årstfest


Give Them the Moon

Arrangerar du en 40-årsfest och behöver tips för en oförglömlig fest? Man säger ju att 40 är det nya 30 och en 40-årsdag är därför den perfekta anledningen att göra något minnesvärt. Det är inte varje dag man fyller 40, så varför inte fira med en fest som är lika unik som jubilaren själv?

Admittedly, the idea sounds ludicrous, like a witty punchline to a cheese joke that has gone galactic. But, put on your astronaut suit and buckle up, because this lunar land grab is a cosmic ride offering anyone with a bit of spare cash the opportunity to own a slice of our celestial neighbor. And while we can't physically uphold the age-old romantic notion of hanging the moon in someone's honor, offering them a tangible stake in it might just be the next best gag... or gift!

40 årstfest 

Picnic in the Park

Rejoice in your 40th trip around the sun with a heartwarming pursuit— hosting a good old-fashioned picnic. Oh, don’t even gaze at that home theatre system or finalize the overpriced party venues. It's time to take the party outside! Unplug from the daily grind, roll out that chequered blanket, and welcome your guests to an open-air extravaganza amidst the gentle sway of trees, the symphony of birdsong, and the tantalizing aroma of barbecued treats.

Now, if you're mulling over 40th birthday party tips, here's a quirky suggestion: embrace that milestone age with a throwback to those PB&J sandwich days! Instead of Michelin-star delicacies, stuff your picnic basket with homemade finger foods, chocolates, and perhaps, a heart-shaped cake carrying the weight of 40 candles. Mind the fire alarms, though! As laughter echoes in the park and loved ones encircle you in warmth, you're bound to rediscover the joy of simple celebrations. And remember, there’s no WIFI in the park, but you’ll find a better connection.

40 årstfest


Ever wondered what could add an unexpected twist to the list of conventional 40th birthday party ideas? Well, let's lend our thoughts to the melodic (or mayhem-filled, depending on your definition of 'tuning') extravaganza of a homegrown singing competition. A jukebox, a makeshift stage, and your own bedroom converted into a dazzling haven for all the aspiring bedroom Beyoncés and shower Sheerans. Pardon my pun, but doesn't that idea seem quite instrumental for a memorable 40th birthday bash?

Now, before anyone panics at the thought of singing in front of others, remember - the cringe-worthy crooning is all part of the plan. After all, it's this very off-key warbling and misread song lyrics that make karaoke such a hoot! Besides, nothing breaks the ice and induces group laughter quite like your usually timid Aunt Marge belting out Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life.' So, this year, scrap the pompous soirees and dreary dinner parties, let's bring in that 40th milestone with a hysterical and harmonious karaoke night!

40 årstfest

Tiki Garden Bar

If you've ever fantasized about your 40th birthday party activities playing out like a Hollywood movie, then keep reading, because there's an unforgettable scene brewing at a cool Tiki Garden Bar. It's a total 180-degree turn from those stuffy four-walled banquet halls, complete with vibrant palm leaves, Hawaiian wood carvings, and let's not forget - the ultra-classic tiki torches. Imagine sipping on exotic colorful drinks with cute little umbrellas, so strong they'd probably make a pirate blush!

And the humor doesn't stop there! The tropical vibe gives you an excellent excuse to break out of the wildest party game idea ever – The Hula Hoop Contest. That's right! Who said hula-hoops were only for the kids? Watch your friends, all clad in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts, trying to keep that hoop up while struggling to balance their drinks. So, forget the music, this spectacle of lopsided gyrations in slow motion will be fodder for laughter riots, keeping spirits high, even if the cocktail glasses run dry.

40 årstfest

Go Camping (or Glamping)

There's a certain rustic appeal in swapping your oh-so-comfortable bed for a ground that’s as cold and unyielding as the IRS on audit day, isn't there? Indeed, nothing screams "adventure" more than being out in the woods, armed with nothing more than a can of beans and your wit, attempting to construct a fire without becoming a somewhat perplexed yet amusing arsonist. Camping is a prime opportunity for rediscovering the extensive knot-tying section of the Boy Scout handbook that you conveniently ignored in your youth.

Yet, if the mere thought of sleeping under the stars (in other words, mosquito territory) makes your skin crawl, glam camping or "glamping" might be the ticket. Imagine it – swapping the cruel, hard ground for a fully decked-out tent with a cozy bed, complete with a breakfast that doesn’t involve ash-coated marshmallows! Indubitably, it’s all the splendor of the great outdoors without the pesky part where you have to learn actual survival skills. It’s the outdoor luxury equivalent of saying, “Oh nature, you're adorable, but do make sure there's an espresso machine available at sunrise, won't you?"

40 årstfest

Ride a Roller Coaster

Thrills, spills, and a few unintentional screams? Yes, please! There's something childishly delightful, not to mention adrenalin-spiking about the prospect of riding a roller coaster. Whether you're a daredevil constantly seeking new heights and horrifying drops, or a more cautious thrill-seeker, a roller coaster can offer a memorable group experience that will be sure to spark laughs and chatter for days afterward.

Picture this: you're squished into a tiny cart, slowly being ratcheted up to an impossible height. For a moment, you even contemplate the sanity of your choices, wondering why you didn't opt for a placid park picnic instead. But before you can change your mind, down you go, zipping around bends and screaming your heart out— and loving every minute of it! Through all the squeals of terror (and giggles!), this is a bond-strengthening escapade that, dare we say it, proves hilariously fun too!

40 årsfest

Laugh Until It Hurts

Who said keeping fit couldn't be fun? Adding a pinch of humor to your everyday routine might just be the secret sauce to a healthy and happy life. Be it sharing jokes with your loved ones or watching a stand-up comedy show, there are countless opportunities to lighten up and let go of your stress. During times of struggle or monotony, 'laughing until it hurts' is the perfect remedy, one that doesn't require a prescription!

Imagine a laughter-filled gathering with your friends at the park or at home. You could organize some humorous acting games, or perhaps bring along some funny reading material that everyone can participate in. No matter what the activity, laughter is guaranteed to bring everyone closer together. This level of joyous camaraderie might just leave you clutching your sides, hurting from peals of laughter. But remember, it's the best kind of 'hurt' there is. A side-effect of a well-spent day overflowing with joy and companionship.

40 årsfest

Book a Fortune Teller

Surprisingly, another exciting way to spice up your gatherings and enjoy the day is by dabbling in the art of divination. Nothing says entertainment more than a fortune teller who claims she can read your mind before you've even opened your snack pack! Imagine the look on your friend's face when the fortune teller claims that his spirit animal is a pink flamingo or when she tells your ultra-serious boss that they'll soon be pursuing a career in interpretive dance.

Getting a fortune teller is not just fun, but also an adventurous twist to the traditional party mix. And remember the rule of thumb at these gatherings—never take the readings too seriously. The goal here is chuckles and giggles, not existential crises. The fortune teller may say that you're going to discover a new planet while in reality, you're having a hard time discovering your lost car keys. Can't wait to encounter wild predictions and watch the hilarity that ensues? Book a fortune teller today and make your event a memorable one.

40 årsfest

Climb a Mountain

So, you thought picnics and karaoke were thrilling? Well, buckle up, buttercup, because we're about to take this party to new heights – literally! We're talking about mountains, my friend, those skyscraping natural wonders that have been on this earth far longer than any of us (and looking far better at their age, I might add).

Now, don't start conjuring images of frostbitten toes and oxygen tanks, no, not at all. The beauty of mountains is that they come in all shapes and sizes – much like us humans, isn't Mother Nature diplomatic? And to add a sprinkle of thrill to your party, isn't a mild hike up a hill or a less lofty mountain ideal? Pop on some sturdy shoes, pack a picnic (yes, you can still have that picnic), and away you go, elevating your party experience to literal new heights - and creating memories that pack a punch as strong as mountain air!

40 årsfest

Host a Ruby Jubilee

Who said parties have to be all about balloons and streamers? Take the road less traveled and embrace the dazzling charisma of a Ruby Jubilee. Imagine decking out your backyard or living room in various shades of ruby red. Rich velvety drapes, twinkling ruby fairy lights, and a punch bowl that looks like it’s filled with liquid rubies. Now that's a sight worthy of a chuckle!

To add a pinch of hilarity to the mix, let's introduce a dress code. Request all guests to come adorned in their finest red attire. You’ll have everyone looking like a pack of misplaced flamingos at a penguin party! Nothing tickles the funny bone as much as a sea of people awkwardly sporting the same color head-to-toe. It will surely lighten the mood, leaving the guests laughing all the way through this uniquely themed celebration.

40 årsfest

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