30th Birthday Party at Home 

Low profile and on the wild side of life - Music or DJ needed.


  1. Cocktail Dance Party: Turn your party venue into a dance floor with a DJ or live music. Create a lively cocktail bar offering a variety of mixed drinks, shots and signature cocktails. Encourage guests to let loose, dance and enjoy the lively atmosphere.
  2. Nattklubbstema Party: Bring the nightclub experience to your party venue. Create a vibrant dance floor with professional lighting and a DJ playing the latest hits. Set up multiple bars serving a wide variety of cocktails, spirits and shots for guests to enjoy while dancing the night away.
  3. Masquerade Ball: Host an elegant masquerade ball with a twist. Create a mysterious and glamorous atmosphere with fancy dress costumes, subdued lighting, and a DJ playing a mix of lively music. Set up a dedicated bar serving champagne, wine, and signature cocktails.
  4. Latin Dance Fiesta: Organize a lively Latin dance party with salsa, merengue and bachata music. Hire a professional dance instructor who can teach guests some basic Latin dance moves. Create a bar that serves mojitos, margaritas and other Latin-inspired cocktails.
  5. EDM Rave Party: Turn your venue into an electrifying rave party with colorful lights, lasers and EDM music. Create a dedicated bar area serving energizing cocktails and shots. Encourage guests to dress in neon colors and give out glow sticks and accessories for added excitement.
  6. Hip-Hop Dance Battle: Host a high-energy hip-hop dance battle where guests can show off their dancing skills. Create a dance floor with a DJ playing hip-hop hits. Have a dedicated bar area serving cocktails, shots and mocktails to keep everyone hydrated and full of energy.
  7. Retro Dance Party: Return to times gone by with a retro-themed dance party. Play hits from different eras such as the '70s, '80s, or '90s, and invite guests to dress in retro clothes.Set up multiple bars offering retro-inspired cocktails and classic mixed drinks.
  8. Carnival Dance Extravaganza: Create a carnival-inspired dance party with colorful decorations, carnival games, and a dance floor. Set up cocktail stands serving themed drinks like daiquiris, piña coladas, and colorful shots. Hire a professional dancer or stilts to entertain guests on the dance floor.
  9. Bollywood Dance Night: Host a Bollywood dance party with lively Indian music and dance performances. Create a dedicated bar area serving Indian-inspired cocktails, such as mango lassi martinis or spicy rum punch. Provide colorful shawls or wristbands for guests to wear and get in the Bollywood mood.
  10. Disco Inferno Party: Take guests back to the disco era with a funky and energetic disco-themed dance party. Set up a disco ball, mirror balls, and colorful lights. Serve retro cocktails like the classic martini, cosmopolitan or Long Island iced tea to keep the party going.
  11. Caribbean Beach Party: Create a tropical beach party atmosphere with reggae and soca music. Set up a Caribbean-themed bar serving Caribbean-inspired cocktails like rum punch, mojitos, and daiquiris. Decorate the place with palm trees, beach balls, and tropical props.
  12. Dance Marathon: Utmana gästerna till en danstävling där de tävlar om att vara den sista som står kvar på dansgolvet. Sätt upp en bardel med olika drycker och cocktails för att hålla deltagarna energifyllda. Erbjud priser till de som dansar längst och uppmuntra en vänlig tävling.
  13. Flash Mob Dance Party: Host a surprise flash mob dance party where guests learn a choreographed routine and surprise everyone with a synchronized performance. Set up a bar area with a selection of drinks.
  14. Twerk-Off: Host a twerking contest on the dance floor. Contestants take turns showing off their best twerk moves, and the crowd cheers for the winner. The DJ can play energetic music to set the mood.
  15. Body Shot Contest: Organize a contest where participants lie on a table or bar and others pour a shot on their body and then drink it. The DJ can get the crowd going and announce the participants.
  16. Sexy Dance Battle: Encourage participants to engage in a heated dance battle on the dance floor. The DJ can play seductive and provocative music while individuals or groups show off their best moves. The audience can cheer for their favorites, and the DJ can choose the winners.
  17. Truth or Drink Challenge: The DJ can arrange a round of "Truth or Drink" right on the dance floor. Participants can be randomly selected or volunteer to answer intimate or embarrassing questions posed by the DJ. If they refuse to answer, they have to have a drink.
  18. Naughty Limbo: Incorporate a cheeky twist into the traditional limbo game. Use a limbo pole and encourage participants to limbo with suggestive or provocative moves. The DJ can lower the bar after each successful round to make it increasingly difficult.
  19. Kissing Contest: Host a kissing contest where participants compete to display the longest, most passionate or creative kiss. The DJ can play romantic music and announce the winners based on the audience
  20. Dirty Dancing: Challenge the contestants to perform their best seductive or provocative dance moves. The DJ can play sensual music, and the audience can cheer their favorite acts. The winner may receive a special award or recognition.
  21. Lap Dance Competition: Organize a hot dance competition where participants give their best lap dances to selected people or designated judges. The DJ can play appropriate music and announce the winners based on crowd reaction or judges' decisions.
  22. Strip Trivia: Combine quizzes with strip elements. Contestants answer trivia questions, and for each incorrect answer they must remove an item of clothing. The DJ can ask questions and keep the game engaging.
  23. Flirty Karaoke: Encourage participants to choose and perform sensual, romantic or suggestive songs during karaoke. The DJ can offer a selection of suitable songs and create a playful and sensual atmosphere.
  24. Naughty Balloon Pop: Fill balloons with different challenges or missions written on paper. Participants take turns bursting a balloon and must complete the mission inside.

24 ideer – 30 års fest hemma

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30th Birthday Party at Home

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